Orphanage for the Blind

We first visited the orphanage for hearing impaired children about 8 years ago.The director of that orphanage has been at his post of duty for several decades. On our last trip, he confided in us that he feared that he would be forced to retire because of his age.

He obviously cares very much for each of the children and tries everything in his power to make sure every child receives the proper care and education. He proudly shows off the achievements of many of his students. Two of his young people have gone to the Olympics and have won medals. Two of the students are attending the university in Kiev to study economics. He has made contact with several small businesses to try to get jobs for the some of the older children once they are released from his care. Those that were hired, he proudly says are really good workers and have been an asset to their bosses. Now different companies are calling him for new recruits. Several of the current teachers were once in his care. Once they have finished their schooling, decided to return as teachers. If he is forced to retire, it will be a great loss for the children. He truly takes care of them as his own. The children are learning sewing skills, too. The sewing machines and equipment are very old. On several occasions, Maria spent time with the teacher giving her various sewing feet to use to update the machines to newer techniques. We also were able to provide with much needed threads, fabric and various notions for the children to use.

On one of our trips, the director showed us the gymnasium that was in bad disrepair. There were huge holes in the walls. For an entire month, we labored in that gym, first filling in the large, deep holes with cement, and then plastering the walls. Finally, painting the ceiling and walls.

When we last visited this orphanage in 2010, the children were still using the gym enjoying a great game of volleyball.

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