Orphanage for Children with Heart Conditions

April, 2011 was the first time we visited the orphanage for children who have heart conditions. The building is smaller than we expected. The director explained that there is a large waiting list of names, but only the more serious cases are taken in and treated at this orphanage. Funds are limited as well as space, but they were managing the best they could.

The kitchen were all the food is prepared for the children and staff.

The children sang songs for us starting off with "Dobri Dhien"(Good morning) in Ukrainian.

Sewing machines have been donated both for the children to learn to use and for the staff to mend the clothes of the children.

This really old washing machine is in need of repair. It is so heavy that hydraulics had to be used to lift it.

The orphanage is in need of an heavy duty washer and dryer. In the meantime, they are coping as best as they can.

This Orphanage needs you help.

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