Orphanage-Shool for the Blind

Many of the children that are in this school would not have a real chance to survive in the real world. At this school, the children stay in dorms all year. They only are allowed to go home for the holidays.

Four years ago, many of the corrupt directors were replaced by those who are more caring. We have seen significant changes come about especially in the school for the blind. The new director is strict, but also cares very much for the children and is determined to give them the best education possible. She has a dedicated group of teachers, and therapist.

In the past 2 years, there have been tremendous improvements made both in the classroom and in the actual buildings. This school is located on a corner with no fencing. The property was totally exposed. Anyone could enter the school area. Homeless used this area for sleeping, drugs, etc. When the director took over, she made sure there was a solid metal fence placed around the perimeter of the property with a security system in place. No one can leave or enter without permission.

At this school, the children learn to take care of themselves- dressing, washing and getting around. Academically, they learn to read and write Braille, along with a regular school curriculum.

Computers and Braille printers have been donated. Using headphones, the children navigate on the internet, type up reports, and print out whatever they want using the special printers.

When we asked if there are any special needs that the school may have, the director did ask for fruits and vegetables for the children. The state provides staples like potatoes and some meat, but there are no funds for anything else. We thank the Lord that we were able to help in this small way.

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